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My Little Island

I was born outside Boston. I had that distinctive accent that adds to Bostonian's uniqueness.

When I was eight, we moved to St. Augustine, Florida. That's when I learned what an accent was.

After being asked a thousand times to say "Please park the car in the garage", I learned the southern accent. Which I was teased for when returning to Boston for visits.

Since then, I have moved all over this country modulating my accents to fit whatever region I am in like a vocal chameleon.

Most my life I have talked about using my voice for work, but it wasn't until after I had spent most my life crisscrossing the country as a radiographer.

Now I continue to work as a voice over talent. So far it is a lot less about talent or a pleasant voice as it is working hard on skills, techniques, hardware, and software.

A friend once told me that he was "An Island Unto Himself." We are all islands that we cultivate, manage, and connect to other islands.
This is my little island.

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